Estate Lots

Lot size: 39.04 sqm. (16 plots 9.76m x 4.00m)

Payment terms: Available for spot cash payment or instalment plans of up to 10 years

Structure: Owners have the option to design and construct a mausoleum for greater privacy and exclusivity.

Capacity: For Family Mausoleums


The Estate Lots of Heritage Park provide families the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity: the chance to gather together in secure, private, solemn memorial rites followed by fond recollections of shared times with their beloved. Estate Lots are located in prime sites within the Park and are the largest lot packages.

A mausoleum is, truly, a tangible and comforting home for the special memories we share about your beloved.

Mausoleum designs are subject to approval of Heritage Park in keeping with the world’s best mortuary and memorial standards, especially in cases where above ground interments are opted for.