Serene(Tulip) Brass Cremation Urn


  • Imported Premium Quality
  • Brass Casket Iron
  • Designed for the ash remains of adults after cremation

FREE SAME DAY DELIVERY for all cremation urn orders within Metro Manila. For nationwide orders, we have a partner courier. This urn is for the ash remains of an adult (see FAQ). This is handcrafted and casted from high-grade durable brass and finished with several coats of enamel or paint, then given a protective clear coat.

NOTE: Handcrafting process results in slight variations in color or finish, making each urn a unique work of art. We cannot guarantee that every urn posted in our website will exactly be the same as the actual order. Some urns might have minor cosmetic/ paint imperfections such as tiny spots, dots or chips that are less than 3 mm in size (considered acceptable). 

If you wish to see a 360 video of the actual urn, kindly contact us through the contact details below so we can send  it via Viber or Facebook Messenger.

How to maintain metal urns?

  • Keep the surface of metal urns dry at all times. Each urn has been painted with enamel and/ or other protective paints such as lacquer coating to prevent tarnishing however if exposed, damped or sprinkled with water or any liquid for a long a period of time, may cause surface issues. Always wipe with a dry cloth after being blessed with Holy Water to preserve the quality of the urn.
  • When maintaining or cleaning the urn, always use a soft dry cloth. Avoid using chemicals and other liquids that may remove the protective paint of the urn.
  • Always keep the urn in a dry place. Keep it away from high humidity surroundings. Water or any other liquid can soak inside the urn if not properly sealed.
  • If you intend to bury the urn, place it in an urn vault or any protective casing that will keep it safe from dust, soil, liquid and other things that can diminish the quality of the urn.

Funeral Wake Manila will not bear any responsibility if any damage to the urn is caused, because of improper handling.