Grief Counseling

Ugat Foundation Poster

We have partnered with UGAT Foundation Inc to make their Grief Counseling services more accessible to grieving families & individuals looking for support.

Who is UGAT?

UGAT Foundation, Inc. is a Jesuit apostolate whose main advocacy is to promote and address the mental health and wellness needs of Filipino individuals and families, both here in the Philippines and abroad.

Established in 1991, UGAT aims to assist in strengthening individuals, families, and groups who are in need of multiple and dynamic interventions in the face of mental and well-being issues, through psychological and family systemic approaches

What do they offer?

  • Grief Counseling Sessions (Individual or Group)
  • Seminars about understanding and dealing with Grief and Loss.

What are their other main services?

  • Online Crisis Line
  • Center Counseling (Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling)
  • Training Programs


Private Practice - Grief Counselors

Von B. Guintu, RPsy

Von is a licensed psychologist with an MA degree in Counseling Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University. He practices what is called trauma-informed therapy. This means that his practice is informed by the latest scientific understanding of trauma. This perspective takes into account how our experiences of how it is to be in important relationships in our lives, influences how we function in the world even on a physiological level.

He provides psychotherapy services to adults and helps clients who deal with anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. 

He may be reached via