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What are cremation urns?

Cremation urn or “banga” in tagalog is for the ashes of a person after the deceased has been cremated. This has become a popular product as more and more choose to be cremated. Normally, crematoriums offer urns to be included in their cremation packages but the options are quite limited. We envision providing urn jars of different colors, types and sizes for the families to conveniently choose from.

What do we offer?

Currently, we offer different types of cremation jars. These are metal, wooden and marble urns, all with premium quality. These are elegant and are quite fitting for a final resting place with each urn having a specific story to say depending on its shape and color.

Where can we deliver?

All cremation urns ordered will have free same day delivery within Metro Manila. We also do nationwide deliveries of metal urns within the Philippines via J&T. Rest assured that all urns shipped will be securely packed to ensure no damages.

Types of Cremation Urn

Metal Urn

These metal cremation jars are all imported and made from various materials such as brass and aluminum. Colors vary from gold, rose-gold, silver, green and the list goes on.

The main advantages besides the numerous artistic designs are the durability and lighter weights of these metal jars.


Marble Urn

These marble cremation jars are all handcrafted and made from high quality marble. Then, these are polished for a stunning feel and look. When sourcing, each one is individually inspected to meet our premium standards.

Each marble urn is majestic on its own. It has its own feel and uniqueness. For this reason, we provide a 360-view for every marble cremation jar before we send it out to our clients.

Custom Engraved Urn Medallions


Let us help you customize the urn of your loved one by engraving the name and other relevant details conveniently and instantly. We offer same day delivery for Metro Manila with a variety of nameplates you can personalize. These medallions can easily be tied to any cremation urn.
urn medallion custom name engraving

Featured Urns of the Month

This month we are featuring three of our quality brass urns. These chosen products are not only highlighted, but we are also offering them at a discounted price of 8,500 pesos. You may click on these three urns to know more about each brass cremation urn.


Free Same Day Delivery for Metro Manila

Marble Cremation Urns

Custom Engraved Urn Medallions


Let us help you customize the urn of your loved one by engraving the name and other relevant details conveniently and instantly. We offer same day delivery for Metro Manila with a variety of nameplates you can personalize. These medallions can easily be tied to any cremation urn.
urn medallion custom name engraving

Small Baby Urns

Keepsake / Mini Urns

Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for your excellent service. We truly appreciate it. We will recommend your service to others. All the best!
Marikina City
We really are thankful sa pagasikaso mo samin. I can say na very good yung customer support niyo especially you.
Malolos, Bulacan
It's very beautiful and the craftsmanship is excellent. We appreciate your offer and will advise the family. I hope this will not be the last time we shall cross paths. God bless you and your family 🌳
Pasig City


Most frequent questions and answers

These are containers where the cremated remains (cremains) or ashes are placed. These are also referred to as cremation jars, cremation urns, burial urns and cremation vase.

Metal urns differ based on the main material used for their mold. The brass and aluminum molds are typically not visible as surface elements are placed on the urns such as enamel, paint and other surface metals.

Brass metal urn is more on the luxurious side because of its weight and better finishes. On the other hand, the aluminum metal urn is the budget friendly option with the lighter weight.

This will depend on where you will be keeping the urn.

For those who will be placing it inside columbarium niches, kindly consider the height of the urn if it will fit inside. Please contact your columbarium to verify these dimensions. Unfortunately, dimensions vary from one niche/ vault to another.

To ensure that all urns that we deliver are brand new, we will not accept exchange of urns due to wrong size measurements after expiration of RETURN POLICY (3 hours upon receiving urn). 

These cremation urns or urn jars are designed for the ash remains of adults.

As a rule of thumb of the industry, for every pound weight of the deceased a cubic inch of ash is produced upon cremation. (Ex: 150-pound person = approx. 150 cubic inches of ash)

Most of our urns have 200 cubic inch capacities which can hold the remains of most adults.

Free Same day delivery for all orders within Metro Manila. Same day delivery can also apply to other areas depending on Grab’s / Lalamove’s coverage but deliver fee will be under client’s account.

All cremation urns or cremation jars will be packaged properly, placed inside a box to ensure no damage during shipping.

For deliveries outside of Metro Manila, we will be using J&T Express to deliver our products. Only metal urns are allowed to be shipped. Rest assured that all urns will be securely packed with styrofoam and bubble wrap to ensure the urn will not be damaged.

  • Keep the surface of metal urns dry at all times. Each urn has been painted with enamel and/ or other protective paints such as lacquer coating to prevent tarnishing however if exposed, damped or sprinkled with water or any liquid for a period of time, may cause surface issues. If it was blessed with Holy Water, immediately wipe with a dry cloth to preserve the quality of the urn.
  • When maintaining or cleaning the urn, always use a soft dry cloth. Avoid using chemicals and other liquids that may remove the protective paint of the urn.
  • Always keep the urn in a dry place. Keep it away from high humidity surroundings. Water or any other liquid can soak inside the urn if not properly sealed.
  • If you intend to bury the urn, place it in an urn vault or any protective casing that will keep it safe from dust, soil, liquid and other things that can diminish the quality of the urn.

Funeral Wake Manila will not bear any responsibility if any damage to the urn is caused, because of improper handling

Payments can be made via credit card (Paypal / Paymongo), bank transfer (UnionBank) or GCASH, whatever is convenient to the client. We just ask the proof of payment to be sent to our email before we send out the product for delivery. 

Shipping via J&T Express also allows COD.

We have already made lots of deliveries spanning different areas of the Philippines from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. We are proud to say that no one has ever complained about the product.

All products should be inspected upon delivery. If there are any concerns which do not align to any of the details we provided, kindly contact us immediately within three (3) hours upon receiving.

We will do our best to assist you as much as we can.

Our online shop is located in Brgy Philam, Quezon City. We do not have a physical store to showcase our products. Videos of the actual urn can be provided upon request and sent via Viber or Facebook.

For the safety of everyone, we do not allow pickup of urns from our warehouse. All orders will be through third party logistics partners such as Lalamove, Grab or J&T Express. We have business accounts with them and have already established safety protocols to enable contactless transactions.

Take note that we offer free delivery of urns for all Metro Manila addresses.

Handcrafting process results in slight variations in color or finish, making each urn a unique work of art. We cannot guarantee that every urn posted in our website will exactly be the same as the actual order. Some urns might have minor cosmetic/ paint imperfections such as tiny spots, dots or chips that are less than 3 mm in size (considered acceptable). 

If you wish to see a 360 video of the actual urn, kindly contact us through the contact details below so we can send  it via Viber or Facebook.

Funeral Checklist Guide

We understand the passing of a loved one is never easy, and we want you to know that you’re not in this alone. We’ve prepared an End of Life Planning Guide to help you get your deceased loved one’s affairs in order in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

 You can use this guide to walk you through the primary tasks that need to be fulfilled before and after the passing of your loved one.

 Please take note that this is not an exhaustive list, and that there may be variations in certain circumstances. Feel free to share this with your family members and loved ones supporting you throughout the process.


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